Analyze Profitable Products in Turkey Marketplaces and  Analyze Products, Competitors, Variation Monthly Sales etc. on AMAZON

Türkiye Pazaryerlerinde Bulunan Ürünleri Analiz Et ve Amazon, Ebay, Etsy vb.
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With MySYS Chrome Extension, we analyze the products in marketplaces such as N11, Trendyol, Hepsiburada, Boyner and Morhipo in detail so that you can sell them in global marketplaces and help you find profitable products.

  Analyze and find the most profitable products in a few minutes !


How does it work ?


Trendyol, Hepsiburada Analiz Et



Ürün Kârlılıkları ve Vergileri Hesapla



Amazon, Etsy, E-bay vb. Pazaryerlerinde Listele



Ürünlerini Satışa Sun


Analyze Amazon, N11, 

 Trendyol, Hepsiburada, Boyner and Morhipo


Calculate Product Profits & Fees and Find Profitable Ones


Analyze Stocks of the Competitors, Variation   Monthly Sales etc. on Amz



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Our Differences from Other Analysis Tools

MySYS Chrome Extension
  • Unlimited ASIN Query Rights
  • Stock Quantity Inquiry for Up to 20 Products per Day
  • Displaying Monthly Sales of 200 Products per Day
  • Monthly Sales Quantity for Product Variations

$ Paid
  • dangerous Limited ASIN Inquiry
  • dangerous Stock Inquiry Not Found
  • dangerous Monthly Sales Quantity Not Displayed
  • dangerous Variation Sales Quantity Not Displayed

What did the users of our application say?


“As an engineer, Amazon has always been very complicated. But with MySYS, I can only make a profit by doing what the data tells me. It's a tremendous thing for a new user.”

       - Ela HASTÜRK


"The most important thing for corporate companies like us is detailed and clear accurate information. MySYS provided great convenience by providing detailed data that no other system can provide."

- Mehmet DİKMEN

"It saves lives by providing not only price information but also many data such as shipping costs, fees, amazon commissions. Thank you MySYS"

- Sami AK

We Make Analysis and Product Listing Fast and Easy with MySYS

Access all of the information with a single application instead of using dozens of analysis tools.

With MySYS, we provide you with access to the information you can have by using dozens of different analysis tools from a single application and a single panel.

Find out how much sales you can make per month

By automatically considering all the available data in the analysis, we provide access to the information of how many products you can sell per month.

Track your selected product's sales history and other vendors with stock quantities

You can access the price and sales history of the product, and the information of variation sales percentages. This provides you to eliminate unprofitable products and variations easily. You can access price and stock information of other competitors with historical data. This allow you to have very important knowledge such as if Amazon is selling a product or did sell it for a single day in last three months.

Save Time by doing basic calculations and analysis for Amazon on the product page!

Using the MySYS Chrome Extension, you can access the following information:

- Calculate your profits over the selling price and cost,
- See the sales history of the product you selected,
- Follow other vendors and stock quantities of the product.

Calculate your profits on the selling price and cost without the need for another tool!

By entering the cost and selling price of the product, you can calculate fees, logistics, etc. Calculate all the expenses and find the profit you can make.

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Find Profitable Products and Start Selling in Global Marketplaces with Just MySYS Without Using Dozens of Tools!

Thanks to our detailed analysis, you can be a successful seller by examining which product you should choose, whether the product you choose will sell, all the costs that may arise and the situation of the competitor, and what the profit you can get is easily.

Join hundreds of people using the plugin!