Retail Arbitrage:

In the retail arbitrage trading model, it analyzes whether the products of wholesale suppliers are profitable for you in the light of the cost of their products, the selling price in Amazon America and Europe, and your additional costs such as shipping and Amazon interruption.

The product/price lists offered by suppliers may contain hundreds, thousands, or even more than 100,000 products. It makes it possible to visually list all the data that can be collected about the products, to filter the data we want, and to identify the profitable/“suitable for trade” products by performing the manual analysis process for these products in minutes.

Order Management:

It offers the ability to track and manage orders from multiple accounts on Amazon, eBay and Shopify on a single page.

For new incoming orders: You can get a shipping label with one click, without going to the websites of your contracted shipping companies, and close the order from the same page (on Amazon, eBay or Shopify). If you want, you can order your orders individually or in bulk with multiple selections, you can receive shipping labels, close orders, and print order invoices with your logo and shelf number of the products. As soon as the order arrives, MySYS determines the shipping company with the most suitable shipping cost and presents it to you as an offer. You can also ship with a different company if you wish. MySYS remembers this choice and you can complete your transaction with one click for the next order.

For all your past orders: you can access the analysis of your daily, weekly, monthly, annual or all-time sales figures and turnovers, download them to your archive, and do refund management if you wish.

If you wish, you can define sub-users and allow your different employees to manage your desired stores.

eBay Unique Listing:

It allows you to list an item on Amazon in seconds on our eBay store. (Under normal conditions, this process may take more than 15 minutes)

eBay Multiple Listing:

It allows us to list thousands of products from our Amazon store on eBay with just a few clicks. (Doing this process manually is not viable and sustainable.)

Amazon Competitor Analysis:

It is a module where users can monitor which products are sold by the sellers they consider as competitors on Amazon, the qualities of these products such as price and rank, and the changes in the product list.

eBay Competitor Analysis:

It is a module where users can monitor which products the sellers consider as competitors are selling on eBay, the quality of these products such as price, number of sales, stock, and changes in the product list.

Book Analysis:

Hundreds of thousands of books in our database, which we have compiled from many sources (wholesales, Amazon, etc.) and which we constantly update;

  • Condition (New, Like New, Excellent or Good Condition), price, Amazon BSR, etc. filtering based on
  • listing on eBay,
  • Viewing the books in the eBay inventory and removing the ones you want from eBay,
  • With MySYS REPRICER, it has the ability to keep the sales prices of the books in your eBay inventory constantly updated in the light of criteria such as the profitability rate you set and the constantly changing purchase prices.