Analyze Thousands of Products and Find the Most Profitable Products that You Can Sell on Amazon and eBay !

  10.000'lerce   Ürünü Analiz Ederek Amazon, Etsy ve E-bay'de Satabileceğin En Kârlı Ürünleri Bul!

With MySYS, you can easily find the MOST PROFITABLE products for you by reviewing products/price lists you've compiled from wholesalers or elsewhere, and you can list what you want on Amazon or eBay in just a few clicks.

  Analyze and find the most profitable products in a few minutes !



from Single Panel

Analyze thousands of products from the wholesaler, sell the most profitable ones on Amazon or eBay, and manage them from single panel

Access Detailed and Accurate Information

Get one of the most detailed and accurate analysis tools in the world

Ease Your Business with Our Warehouse Partners

Manage your transactions with your warehouse from single panel with MySYS warehouse partners in Turkey, USA, UK and Germany

Just Focus

Your Work

Not required technical skills and commercial expertise 



            Find out what you need to do for                e-commerce in the US, Europe and UK.

Increase Profits 

with This Application

We closely follow the developments and improvements in e-commerce.

What did the users of our application say?


“As an engineer, Amazon has always been very complicated. But with MySYS, I can only make profit by doing what the data tells me. It's a tremendous thing for a new user.”

- Serhat YÜCE


"The most important thing for corporate companies like us is detailed and clear accurate information. MySYS provided great convenience by providing detailed data that no other system can." 

- Orhan KALMAZ

"It saves lives by providing not only price information but also many data such as shipping costs, fees, Amazon commissions. Thank you MySYS."

- Necip YILMAZ

No experience or technical knowledge required

Analyze thousands of products by uploading product lists to the system, save time thanks to the unique knowledge provided by the system and make profit with data without technical and commercial skills.

Don't Waste Time

Automatically get rid of unprofitable products, list thousands of analyzed products on Amazon and eBay in just a few clicks.

Find out most profitable products easily and fast

MySYS calculates net profit over all fees, analyzes estimated monthly sales, number and types of competitors, BSR/Buybox volatility and all other applicable data, giving you access to the most profitable products.

All marketplaces on single panel

Track marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify from a single panel to see all available data on one screen, including estimated sales volumes of products

Stop Doing Manual Analysis

Analyze more than 200,000 products at once with Excel and more than 3,000,000 without Excel in a short time, which is impossible to do manually.

Why Should You Use MySYS Arbitrage Analysis?

In a few minutes for
Custom Analysis

It is impossible to perform a manual analysis of the profitability of thousands of products. MySYS does this flawlessly for you in a few minutes


All Expenses

To be able to fully manage all expense items that will affect all cost items such as purchases, shipping, Amazon deductions, fees, rates


Maximum Profitability

It calculates the shipping cost according to the weight of each product and the country of sale, revealing the profitability analysis closest to reality.


Appropriate Products

With its advanced and user-friendly filtration system, it allows you to easily find the products that best suit your commercial tactics.

MySYS Retail Arbitrage Analysis Video

Integrated Marketplaces


Frequently Asked Questions

+What should I do to offer products that I have identified as profitable in Arbitrage Analysis?

With Arbitrage Analytics, you can easily list thousands of products you've identified as FBM on Amazon or on eBay with just a few settings.

+How do I manage exchange rate data between the buy currency and the sales currency in Arbitrage Analytics?

If you wish, you can use market exchange rate data automatically in the analysis settings or you can apply your exchange rate predictions to the analysis.

+In Arbitrage Analysis, I will pay different shipping prices for fbm according to product weight. Can I put this into analysis?

Yes. You can define as many shipping rulers as you want to MySYS and use the same shipping price statement if you want for each analysis. MySYS apply your estimated shipping cost based on the weight of each product to the analysis.

+How can I apply the discount I received by negotiating with my wholesaler to the analysis?

With the "Buy Cost Multiplier" feature for existing analyses in the Arbitrage Analysis module, you can update the analysis at any time with just a few clicks.

+After a period of time doing the Arbitrage Analysis, the analysis data will be a thing of the past. Well, what can I do?

You can update any analysis in the Arbitrage Analysis module at any time with a single button.

+Can I undo products that I accidentally deleted?

When you order the deletion of products from a store inventory, MySYS will submit this request to the relevant marketplace and the transaction cannot be undone as of this time. You need to re-add products that were accidentally deleted. Therefore, care should be taken in product deletions.

+Can I repeat my Arbitrage Analysis for sale to one country for another country?

Yes. You can start a new analysis for a different country with a few keys without having to upload an excel file again or delete the existing analysis.

+The product price list I received from the wholesaler contains more than 100 thousand lines. Can I do the profitability analysis?

Yes. If your subscription level meets your subscription level, you can analyze wholesaler inventories containing hundreds of thousands of products with MySYS Arbitrage Analysis. However, we would like to point out that the time it takes to prepare the analysis will increase in direct proportion to the number of products.

Are You Ready to Find the Most Profitable Products You Can Sell on Amazon and eBay by Analyzing Thousands of Products in a few Minutes?

 With MySYS, you can easily find the MOST PROFITABLE products for you by reviewing products from wholesalers or from different sources, and you can list profitable ones on Amazon or eBay in just a few clicks.